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Company Profile

We are a well trusted exporter, wholesaler/distributor, supplier and trader of a wide assortment of scientific apparatus & laboratory items. The product range offered by us includes Porcelain Ware, Educational Charts, Models, Specimen & Prepared Slides, Testing & Measuring Instruments, Bio Technology and Pharmacy Equipment, and more. All these are widely accepted in labs, school, colleges, etc.

Business Type Exporter , Wholesaler / Distributor , Supplier , Trader
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Range of scientific lab & allied instruments 
  • Skilled workforce
  • Ethical business practices
  • Timely delivery system

Product Range
Polylab Plastic Ware
Connectors (Cross)
Connectors (L Shaped)
Animal Cage
Animal Cage (Twin Grill)
Retort Stand
Dessicator (Vaccum)
Dessicator (Vaccum) - All Clear
Dessicator (Plain)
Stop Cocks
Kipp's Apparatus
Funnel Long Stem
Buchner Funnel
Analytical Funnel
Powder Funnels
Industrial Funnels
Physics Lab Instruments
Ring & Ball Apparatus
Resonance Apparatus
Rubber Pad
Vernier Caliper
Resistance Box
Daniel Cell
Leclanche Cell
Diffraction Grating
Young Model Apparatus
Dynamo Model
Motor Model
Boyle’s Law
Bar Magnet Alnico
Chemistry Lab Instruments
Test Tube Brush
Bunsen Burner With Stop Clock
Brush Flask
Blow Pipe
Rubber Cork
Rubber Tubing
Ph Meter
Pipette Bulb
Centrifuge Tubes
Charcoal Block
Analytical Balance
Hot Plate With Stirrer
Tripod Stand
Thermometer Wet & Dry
Biology Lab Instruments
Overhead Projector
Watch Glass
Potometer Simple
Slide Cabinet
Film Side Projector
Dissection Box

Dissecting Microscope
Student Microscopes
Research Microscopes
Pathological Microscopes
Trinocular Microscopes
Projection Microscopes
Single Nose Microscope
Stereo Microscope
Inverted Tissue Culture Microscopes
Borosilicate Glassware
Volumetric Flask
Conical Flask
Separating Funnel
Measuring Cylinder
Flask Flat Bottom
Flask Round Bottom
Pipette Volumetric
Reagent Bottle
Weighing Bottle With Stopper
Test Tubes
Petri Dish
Buchner Funnel
Soda Glassware
Aspirator Bottle
Couplin Jar
Dropping Bottle
Conical Flask
Measuring Flask
Filtering Flask
Kipps Apparatus
Gas Jars
Hydrometer Jars
Pestles & Mortars
Measuring Cylinder
Reagent Bottles
Winchester Bottle
Porcelain Ware
Beehive Shelves
China Dish Or Evaporating Dish
Pestle Mortar
Porous Pot
Clay Pipe
Crucible With Lid
Dessicator Plates
Buchner Funnels
Spotting Plates
Educational Charts
Anatomy Charts
Maths Chart
Physics Charts
Chemistry Charts
Biotechnology Charts
Electronic & Communication Charts
Workshop Charts
Mechanical Charts
Computer Science Charts
Physiology Charts
Gynae Charts
Pathology Charts
Forensic Charts
Botany Charts
Pharmacy Charts
Anatomical Models
Chemistry Models
Mechanical Model
Physiology Model
Pathological Model
Forensic Model
Specimen & Prepared Slides
Testing & Measuring Instruments
Analog Oscilloscopes
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Logic Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
Function Generator
Frequency Counters
Soldering Stations
Power Supplies
Measuring Meters & Testers
Decade Boxes
Work Bench

Bio Technology and Pharmacy Equipment
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Flame Photometer
Karl Fischer Titrimeters
Water & Soil Analysis Kit
Digital Calorimeter
B.O.D Incubator
Bacteriological Incubator
Orbital Shaking Incubator
Digital Colony Counter
Digital Ph Meter
Digital Balance
Centrifuge Rectangular
Digital Melting Point Apparatus
Digital Friability Test Appratus
Water Bath Rectangular Thermostatic Control